ExtendedClientMessages (-260)

This pseudo-encoding allows the client and server to negotiate an additional set of client messages. It is designed to be symmetric to the use of pseudo-encodings to send additional server messages.

This pseudo-encoding will be sent once after every SetEncodings where ExtendedClientMessages is included in the supported encodings. The x-position, y-position, width, and height parameters of the rectangle are ignored. The format of the message is as follows:

No. of bytes Type [Value] Description
2 U16 number-of-messages

Followed by number-of-messages repetitions of the following:

No. of bytes Type [Value] Description
4 S32 message-type

Once a client receives this rectangle, it can now send any extended client message that is supported by the server. The format of an extend client message is as follows:

No. of bytes Type [Value] Description
1 U8 255 message-type
3 padding
4 S32 message-type

Followed by the message payload whose size depends on message-type. The following message-types are defined:

Number Name
0 UnixSharedMemory
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